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Selling on ebay


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19 minutes ago, DINOBOY said:

When since have eBay had this new payment thing where they pay direct into your bank account? Is this legit or a scam? 

No it’s legit. They changed the t&c’s about a month back. Think they are trying to become their own PayPal. 

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1 minute ago, DINOBOY said:

Have you used it mate??

No not as a seller. I buy all the time from them though. I did get an email from them like I say about a month back, informing users of the change. I had to go into my profile and accept the change to carry on with eBay. I take it you never got that notification? 
Ive not been cyber robbed or anything yet!! 😬

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Yes, I had the same.

For me, this means I will no longer be selling on ebay, for buying I still use paypal.....

My reasoning is due to previous experiences, yes ebay owns paypal, but paypal operate within the financial guide lines and UK distance selling rules, ebay make it up as they go....

For example, I bought a new sump for my Iveco, it was advertised as fitting my van, I checked all the relevant numbers which all cross matched..... Needless to say it didn't fit.

I'd paid through ebay, and they wouldn't refund me despite being in clear breach of UK distance selling laws......

Looking at that from a sellers point of view, if they decide you are in the wrong despite what the law says, you have lost your goods and money......

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6 hours ago, DINOBOY said:

Have you used it mate??

I do about £60k a year on ebay and was one of the first wave of business users to go over to the new system.

They pay on the nose every day ( mon - fri) and with my volume it works out cheaper in real terms. Also very much easier to manage.

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