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Squid Games 7th Nov - weymouth

mike farrants

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Very envious! Well done. I've been meaning to try for squid for a while and I keep hearing of a few coming out in the East Wight area, so you've given me added impetus to get out there. 👍

That 4lb'er is a beast. Top marks to Tim.

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9 minutes ago, willyhookit said:

awesome    something id like to catch     never herd of any been caught in our neck of the woods  (   East Yorkshire  )   might have a go the next time im down in cornwall with the boat  Tight Lines  Alain 


We have a run of Cuttle and Squid in the autumn / early winter when they come inshore to spawn. You need to be careful of the ink as it is a bastid to get off.

We normally annoy them in the landing net to fire off the ink, and then dump them straight into a covered bucket.

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yeah great fun on light spinning gear - the big ones pull, and when one slips off, they really do move quickly in the water!

you just need them to expel their water before bringing them aboard and then they cant ink you - rather than agitate them (the ink can scare off others), we bring them to the surface carefully and then let them jet above the surface a couple of times until they're empty - no water = no ink



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