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Mon29th Bristol Channel


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1 hour ago, JonC said:

Well done . Out of interest what sort of depth are you dropping the hook in? I know you get a bit of a flow there . 

We went out just after low and were in 27ft IIRC on a small rising tide 

I prefer to fish in 20 - 50 ft for uptiding, anything more and you can have trouble holding the leads

When we moved out wide, we were anchored in around 40 ft with the stern over a drop off of another 20 odd foot, only really doable on a small tide

Have also anchored in 5/6ft a bit further up the channel on a sand bank and caught Bass on a small rising tide as well

My arse was getting a bit twitchy before I dropped the anchor though on that day

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2 minutes ago, jonnyswamp said:

I've told him about the site and he's been on here as a guest

Don't think he's joined though

Keep nudging him. He's sure to get a warm welcome with a catch pic like that 👍

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7 minutes ago, Odyssey said:

It did look promising…. Not any more 😭

I have been watching that for a few days, it still looks promising here, but in weather forecasting terms 3 days is a lifetime and 5 days is a millennium !

Also, it is the top of the springs, so there will be a fair current flowing.

However, if it pans out OK, then I will still go as the tide times suit my launch site for a morning's fishing.

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