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The hanging

Saintly Fish

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A cowboy walks into a bar and orders a whisky.

When the bartender delivers the drink, the cowboy asks,

"Where is everybody?"

The bartender replies, "They've gone to the hanging."

"Hanging? Who are they hanging?"

"Brown Paper Pete," the bartender replied.

"What kind of a name is that?" the cowboy asked.

"Well," says the bartender, "he wears a brown paper hat, brown paper shirt, brown paper trousers and brown paper shoes."

"How bizarre," said the cowboy. "What are they hanging him for?"

"Rustling," answered the bartender.

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2 hours ago, Andy135 said:

@Odyssey, have you hacked Neil's account and used it to post rubbish jokes??

Nope…. Maybe it was the other way around 😮🤣

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14 hours ago, Saintly Fish said:

This joke is a cracker. @Geoff will appreciate it. 

Crapper more like 😬

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