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Skerries Banks 16th May


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Well done Ian, I just can't get my wife to fish. She loves going out on the boat, but the trouble in the Solent is all the big gin palaces that steam past at 15-20knts leaving the anchored boats to bob and wallow about after they've past. We have to frequently grab stuff and hold it still so it doesn't go flying everywhere. This kind of puts her off! 

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Another great day on the water and interesting about the reel seat, although I don't have that rod I might put some coasters in a tackle bag, you just never know. 

My wife is banned, far too good at fishing and she even got banned from shooting as she pasted 23 x 25 at her first time at the clays!

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Great day out 🙂 

Em likes a bit of fishing, but only if they are small, good eating and have no teeth 🤣

She is starting to like sharking on flat days though 

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Not a disaster Ian, you both got out and snagged a few 👍

We're booked for a Skerries trip in august, but I'll be looking for an individual day before then

Ross (Spot on) does them quite often, so will probably do a couple after I get back off holiday which is the end of June

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1 hour ago, mike farrants said:

doesn't this worry you? 

id be sleeping with one eye open if that was my missus lool

Nah, I gave up shooting 2 years ago, 2 CF and one rf rifles and a 3 1/2" chambered shotgun, that's when I kept the cabinet keys close by. 

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