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Whose out tomorrow?


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Out on the reefs and in the haven. Emma wants some fish for the freezer. 

Im hoping to get to the smalls lighthouse and reefs but will depend on swell. Else local reefing then get the anchor down 

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Mackerel, hounds, dogs so far and a sea small pollack. 

Someone (Emma) drank too much so didn’t get up early enough for offshore reefing, but did some reefing just outside haven.

No cod but it’s more a chill session in the sunshine. A mate is off sharking, will be keen to hear what he’s had 🙂 

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First drift 3 mackerel, want these all summer, can’t find them!!! 

Emma with a dogfish (why I don’t know, must follow Andy’s reports) 

me with smallest hound and some nice conditions 



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