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opened my 2024 account properly! Weymouth 6th Jan 2024

mike farrants

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1 hour ago, mike farrants said:

wow what a day - non stop action from the first drop to the last........

Forecast weather window for the weekend had northerly 15mph on Saturday - northerly is off the land so 15mph is just about do-able.  Small tides so expectations were low.

Met at Tims boat for 7am to get out before sunrise - no messing about trying to find bait- straight to the 5nm mark with frozen baits in case the wind strengthened. Target - Whiting on the small gear- rays on the big stuff. 


dropped the hook, wind and tide not quite aligned but was ok bit bumpy an swinging a bit - dropped the small rigs first while the boat settled and was straight into the fish - literally as soon as the lead touched down. 

We had so much action on the small rods it was hours before we put the big ones out - Pout, Bream, Whiting, scad, dogfish. I have never put back so many decent bream - we must have had over 20 to the boat - all decent size. Some of the pout were bigguns too - great non stop fun!




eventually we tired of that and had we already had 2 decent bream and 3 big whiting for the table - so we put out the big baits only to find the Pout, whiting and bream hitting them too - Tim had a big Bream on a 6.0 hook and mackerel fillet!! - these fish were ravenous, either stripping the mackerel baits or hooking themselves!

I put down a mackerel head hoping the bait would last long enough for something bigger and I was rewarded with a big angry double figure Bull Huss.


I also managed a Scallop on the big rod - must have taken a fancy to my muppet...... 🤣 perfect for a starter!



On the way home we were escorted by a pod of Dolphins - always amazing to see. 



Bream and Scallop for tea,


with the whiting done in chunks for sunday lunch fish wrap!!



a pretty special day afloat to kick start the year - I was knackered though - combination of cold and all day action on a constantly moving boat really tired me out - I must be out of practice! 😜

Lets hope this is a good sign for the year ahead!

Well done  Mike, excellent.

Sea was a tad too rough here to go out, however, if the weather holds then a trip to the skerries is on the cards for next weekend after some winter Turbot.

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