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Only because its quiet on here!!!!


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Ok as you know my daughter bought a new boat which she christened with some nice lobsters Xmas morning but!!!!... Well this is the part I was going to keep quiet but been as it has given my family such a giggle I thought I would share the rest of the day!!!

So after catching the lobsters I hopped up the front of the rib sitting on the tube to film my daughter driving it through the white water on the run home. What could go wrong:classic_blink: So we hit a have a bit hard that sent me into the air coming back down on the anchor post right on my tail bone "ouch" but hey that's not enough this was followed by a second wave that capitulated me over the side, all with the GoPro filming as I summersaulted through the air. Lost my prescription polarisers but kept hold of the camera, which the kids are constantly playing and sharing on their social media:classic_blush:  First time I've ever gone overboard.

So with my back starting to seize up I headed down the beach with my wife and the dog. The dog tends to play pretty rough with me and it wasn't long before she had split open my thumb with a 1in gash, strike 2.

Later that evening my son wanted to search the bushland next to our house for a lost arrow, what could go wrong. So after walking around in dence bushland only watching the ground I walked into a large cobweb that wrapped around my face!!!.. As I pulled the web off my face a spider bit the finger next to my cut thumb, which is now swollen and sore two days later. 

Im hoping Ive got that little run of three out of the way I can have a safe run for a while!!!!

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