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Quiet from the boat, better from the shore.


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We've had a pretty long run of poor conditions for crossing the local bar over the last few weeks, hence why I haven't been out to much. The last four trips now have been very similar with plenty of fish but none reaching the legal size limits. Had another day yesterday, clocking 127km on the water without a legal fish to bring home, though we did catch plenty of dolphin fish and kings again.

Out of frustration trying to get my youngest daughters boyfriend into a marlin we decided to head to the beach straight after a day in the boat. Ive learnt over the years what and where to target certain species in relation to moon phases and tides etc and things looked good to try for a shore shark.

Keeping things inline with UK fishing I gave the young fella an old penn inxs which I don't mind people abusing (breaking or loosing). Reel was the Penn battle 3 6000 which Ive been very impressed with for a 70 quid reel. Line was 40lb Jerry Brown 500m incase of a big one!!.

Every cast resulted in either salmon or tailor (some call bluefish). The salmon aren't a true salmon but their name from the way they jump when hooked trying to flick the hook, which often works for them. Bluefish to me are a bit like catching bass but salmon are in a different class in terms of fight quality which is why they are considered a light game species by many, truly a fun fish to catch. We use both the salmon and tailor as bait, which can be a non stop supply even well into the night.

With the salmon and tailor are predators that tend to be more tuned into after dark hunting than day. About 1hr after dark is time to move to wire if you intend holding onto the sharks but most of the time I stick with mono as I find battling some of the bigger sharks a pain on my back. But hey youngsters like playing tug of war so why not let them!!!!

The last couple of beach sessions there have been some very big sharks, so getting this small bronze whaler was fun without battling on to long. The fight was pretty quick as the young fella loaded the drag up pretty quick so the fight was over well under 10mins (closer to 5). It was pretty lively given it hadn't had a long fight and the hook removed and back in the water in around 30-40seconds (camera was ready before landing). 

Headed home for an early night ahead of another trip offshore where we delivered my eldest daughter her lunch who was skippering a game charter and forgot her food!!!!

The bar crossing.



Delivering lunch to my eldest who loves driving from up top!!!




Hooking into kings.





Onto the beach.





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1 hour ago, GPSguru said:


Looking at the pictures reminds me of the 5 years we had in Brisbane and Cairns ............. sort of makes me wish we had stayed !


Its funny, only yesterday I was thinking of all the places Ive lived and how good it it is to live in a small coastal town away from all the hustle and bustle here. We have mountains behind us and the lake to the ocean right in front of our place and the beach where these fish were caught just the other side of the lake.  My mum sent pictures of the UK last week asking if it made me home sick, still struggling with a reply!!!

5 years is a fair while, what were you doing ? It gets pretty hot up that way though, much preferring the climate here in the south personally.

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