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Odyssey Strikes Again 不不不


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A man is in a fancy exotic seafood restaurant.
The waiter asks him to select his main dish from the large tank of live seafood.
The man selects a very rare but expensive wild green squid.
He likes the look of one in particular, it had a look of Hitler about it -with a slight moustache.
The waiter removes the squid to the kitchen, which happens to have a lot of German staff.
Anyway when head chef 'Yorvaise sees the squids poor little face he downs tools and walks out, refusing to kill it to cook.
The waiter in a panic and knowing he must serve the food insists the pot washer, also German - 'Hans' must kill and prepare the dish.
He too walks out refusing.

The moral of this story.
Hans that does dishes is as soft as Yorvaise with the wild green hairy lip squid.......

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You miserable lot - it may be a rehash of an old joke (basicallynearly all jokes are), but that is worth a couple of points for the trouble of typing it all out. 6/10. Geoff.

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