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My new targa.

Saintly Fish

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Nice one Gord, sounds like you picked up a goodie just in time for the summer to actually start. Mind you, with a boat like that who needs summer?? 
I in particular look forward to hearing about your targa adventures. Mainly because I would love one, but they just don’t fit for my family life style. 

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First go at fishing from her a day or two ago with my cousin. Side decks and forward cockpit make it easier and more versatile. No Mackerel about yet but got three large frying pan sized Lythe (Pollack) and kept a couple of frying pan sized codling. Dinner for four and a bit left over!





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2 hours ago, Gordmac said:


Mine is the fishing version (Tarfish) of the Targa 27 so a bit smaller than that one, more basic inside and no flybridge. But a lot cheaper!



I thought the 31 was just the racing number!🤣🤣

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Thought I might add a bit to this.

Now ashore for the winter, I covered almost 500 nautical miles without actually going anywhere! Average consumption about 1.5L/m. Initially sat about 22kn but later about 27kn as the boat feels happier at that speed. Fantastic boat, if anyone is considering one go for it. Hard to imagine something better except maybe a bigger one!

We went out fishing fairly often but not venturing far away, normally with my cousin but his sister started coming with us and I think she is now hooked! Caught a fair number of Mackerel, they make good fishcakes for the winter. Quite a few what we refer to as Lythe (Pollack) and some Codling. I also got what I think was a small Scorpion fish, never saw one before. Too busy not touching it whilst unhooking for a picture!

We would normally get fewer Lythe but more small Cuddies (Coalfish) but never saw a cuddy this year for some reason. Aunt was disappointed, she loves them!






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Cracking  Boat  You have       you need to Freeze  a few  Cole fish   and save them for  Skate fishing    might see you around as ill be up  in Oban come  April / May    time  Launch out the Dive Center   usually have  a  short blast  round  the back of Karkera    not sure of the Spelling    had  Skate   to 225LBS      we had 17  in two days fishing         Tight lines Alain 


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