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Was it/Wasn't it??


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35 minutes ago, jonnyswamp said:

We were on that boat yesterday, skipper spoke highly of Robson green, said he was a good crack and was up for the banter and piss taking

I find that surprising, because on TV he comes across as a highly strung pre Madonna. Always moaning, and he has one of the best jobs.  

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6 minutes ago, captin slows old outlaw said:

is that jelicay i wounder.

Jealousy?? No Pete, definitely not. He nearly always has a strop that he can't catch or it's cold or whatever.... he needs to man up a bit and be more Jeremy Wade! 

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5 hours ago, GPSguru said:

How anybody could pay to catch stink’in slimy conger is beyond my comprehension. 🙄


They are getting like dog fish in the channel…. Why anyone wants one is beyond me…. They get T barred at side of boat. If crew want a pic they can clean the snot themselves 🤣🤣🤣

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