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Best catch/trip of 2021


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Not a great year, plenty of fishing, plenty of fish, but nothing caught that has been memorable.

Best Bass went 6lb, best pollock went 8lb, which is really poor and most years I get a good number of Pollock doubles.

Loads of Plaice but none over 4lb, a good number of rays, but very few doubles.

There were some notable absentees from my specie list for this year, like Wreck Bass (Stone Bass), Ling, JD, and Wrasse .......... what a strange year. Our trips this year (so far) have been almost 1k nm.

I didn't do any shark fishing this year as I wanted to concentrate on the wrecks, and I guess I will do the same next year.

In the spring two of us will buddy up and head to the 50 - 100 mile wrecks. We will be in French waters, so it could be interesting !


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First year of owning a boat - bought it off a stranger on FB marketplace who became my fishing buddy/friend/advisor/trainer/, we share trips on my boat and his

22 trips out on pugwash - 7 trips on Seadog

6 new species from the boat, 8 PBs,

Counts include Tope, Spurdog, Rays (thornie, small eyed, spotted), mackerel, scad, gurnard (grey tub and red), bream, smoothounds, Conger,  dogs, Whiting, Pout, Squid

No bass, No pollock, no wrasse, no big blonde, no plaice, no turbot or brill - all targets for 2022!

Best fish of the year was on Seadog - in a 100ft channel off Portland's SW side - i only caught 2 fish that day - both were firsts, and both were the biggest fish id ever caught - 18lb Spurdog, immediately beaten by this 40+lb Tope


Best fish off Pugwash was this conger - 


most circulated picture 🤣 (AKA Best haul - single handed 21 mackerel in a few hours)


Best eating fish was Tims Turbot


what a year!

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17 hours ago, Saintly Fish said:

Come to think of it, watching @captin slows old outlaw Try to see a dogfish bite register on his pair of 30/50lb beastmasters was quite funny! 

year at least i caught a few dogies when fishing with you Evan on my sensitive  rod end

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