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Greetings from sunny Plymouth!


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Hi, everybody! I'm Graham Broach, aka Plaicehunter. I've been fishing for 60 years, which is strange as I feel only about 35...

I do all sorts of angling, but this year I have spent most of my time fishing the Tamar from my boat 'Piranha', a Yamarin 5400 with a 60EFi on the back. I managed to hit my season's target of 50 gilthead bream  with a bit to spare, and do a lot of bass luring from the boat - best this year 8lb 6oz on a Patchinko 125.

I also do a fair bit of plaice fishing from my pal AW's boat, based near Salcombe, plus the occasional reef trip with him.

In the winter I fish for cod and thornbacks in the Tamar from my boat, though I catch a lot more conger than cod! Last winter I had a nice 5lb bass on a 10" live whiting intended for cod, and am aiming to fish one rod with a livebait slider rig this winter. Cod are in the river already....

Most of my fishing is catch-and-release, with ALL bass being returned regardless of size.

Tight lines to you all! Graham 



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Welcome Graham! I remember you from WSF - I think I remember reading catch reports from Joe-SW when you took him out for some productive sessions luring for bass from your boat if my memory serves. Good to have you on board. We're just starting out on here so feel free to take a look around and join in. 👍

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