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Howdy folks. Just managed to break into your fabulous forum.


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Many thanks 'Sneaky Dude' for getting me approved. Something is going pear-shaped with the email for sure. My provider may be rejecting emails from your domain. I was getting nothing. 

My story is this:

I am a 66 year old with a passion for motorcycles and cars. The best job I ever had was working for Ford on the software design for diesel engine controllers (Mondeo, Transit). Everyday was total immersion in engine design.   If I am passionate about cars and motorcycles, I am crazy about boats and sea fishing.  Now that I am retired I can seriously indulge my crazy!

I live in sunny Basingstoke at the moment (moving further south when I can sell up). 

Until very recently, I ran a fabulous 1998 Bayliner 2452 out of Hythe Marina. Ran it for about 16 years.  It is on sale now in Ideal Boats Southampton.  Take a look. I loved that boat but out grew it . Now, I am in Northney Marina running a 2008 Rodman810.  A fair jump from the old 1998 Bayliner (but not as much as you may think).

I am still learning the ropes with the new boat. Bought it about 5-6 weeks back. It is a bit of a steep learning curve. Never had a diesel engine before or radar or sidescan or heating etc. Plus, this is a new fishing area for me. I have fished it on charter boats (Sea Fox out of Portsmouth). I have seen how good it can be. 

My old stomping ground, the mid-solent area, isn't the most populated with fish. The trawlers do a great job of keeping the numbers down. I have had some success with Thornbacks, smoothies and, of course, the bream. You eventually learn the holding areas not plagued by nets. However, I haven't seen a bass or cod there for a while now.  Everyone who catches good fish motor 30 miles to the East or West. So, I have upped sticks and moved Marinas to Northney for the East Solent fisheries to be closer to the action.  

I hope you will be patient with my endless questions. For my part, if I catch ought, you will be the first to know where. I intend to be extremely active fishing. There is no time to lose.


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Welcome Terry! Good to have you on board.

We have another Rodman owner on here, @Maverick, and I'm sure he'll be on hand to answer any make/model specific questions you might have. There are some very knowledgeable members here who will be happy to help with more general questions... and then there are the rest of us, just out for a giggle and a dangle. I'm sure you'll fit right in 😉🤣

I used to boat out of Langstone Harbour and know the east Wight area reasonably well... and I know all the best dogfish marks very well. I'm sure it won't be long before you're reeling them in with the best of us 👍

I have to agree, the Solent seems empty of anything interesting at present. Probably just my rubbish dangling though.

5 minutes ago, TerryW said:

Many thanks 'Sneaky Dude' for getting me approved.

PS: Don't thank him - we'll never hear the end of it otherwise... 🤣

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Hi Terry, glad you finally managed to enter the site. I’m out of Hamble and fish the desolate solent. I’m not a rodman owner but I do own a starfisher 840 which is built in the same factory. I did look at a rodman 810 in Gosport before buying my starfisher, real nice boats. 
Enjoy the site and make yourself at home. 

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