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my project boat ( or mony pit )

captin slows old outlaw

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i am going to bring my post from the old site but tiddy it up

i started this project some time ago nowing very little of what i was letting myself into.

members of Offshore Outlaws were of grate help , so a big thank you to them, they have provided me with teckernell help and moe importently made me smile when things whet rong, banter can realy put a smile on your face when your down (no mater how bad it is )

so a big thankyou to you all


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new deck 20 mill ply coated on bouth sides with glass and resen , new serpots , the trasom was made of 2 20 mill ply with glass and resen and finised off with a coat of resen to seal any gaps were filled with fiber fill or filler coverd with 2 to 3 fiber resen the courner transom to hull had 4 layers

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before cutting out i had wedged the sides of the boat to the uprights of the trailer so the hull  did  not go out of shape,

whilst working on the transom i put a strap aarond the hull till i had compled the stern


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