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Best western?


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I’ve just watched Hang em high. Not bad but plenty better than this. 
Josey Wales? Sounds like a sheep shagger but one of the best cowboy films ever made. 
Anything with Clint in is going to be hard to beat. 
Django Unchained is pretty good, but a bit dark. 
Good the bad and the ugly? 

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@JonC you have already mentioned my favourite. Josey Wales. 
definately NOT The hateful eight. What a drawn out and boring movie. And I’m a fan of Tarantino . 
Blazing saddles has to be mentioned even though a spoof. Shame they’re not allowed to show it on TV anymore. 
Tombstone is quite good or the The last train to Yuma. 

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Blazing saddles not allowed on TV?! 

Fistful of Dollars and A Few Dollars More..... ah classic.....

My horse don’t like being laughed at....

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Spelling mistakes, need to keep Geoff happy 😆
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