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Radar reflector

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3 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

Seeing as I have my radome on order, I’m also thinking about an eco max mini deflector. Question is, can I sight it right next to the radar either to the left or right of it? As king as it’s not forward of it, it should be ok ??

A lot of people seem to put them either under or over the radome on an arch. Are you using an arch? 

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Just now, JonC said:

Oh I forgot about that. TBH I help so many people out on YBW with stuff, I get thousands of emails a day so I don’t remember ever person. 

Oh yeah I forgot you go by a different name over there and crusade all day long. 

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7 minutes ago, Odyssey said:

Or just go for an arch....

I’m not getting an arch I don’t like them. Not on my boat. As the radome casts forward why can’t they sit side by side ?

Anyway, is my boat mass not enough to be picked up by another boats radar? Or does the reflector just boost a detection?

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I would have thought that most of the radars were 'programmed' not to react to 'close by' reflections (reflections within a few metres)? ......... I don't have radar but my echomax is mounted on the side of the A frame and only just above the tubes. We have tested it with another boat, and he could see me at well over 4 miles away .........

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