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Grandson’s second trip out.

Tony smith

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2 hours ago, Tony smith said:

Well this trip we did have a few shark rods out but it was all about my grandson Jack on his second trip out. We got down to the boat late on the Friday night. Got the chum made up. Jack had chum up to his elbows but fair play to him he got stuck in. So there was three of us on the trip James, myself and my grandson Jack.

We woke up to a  beautiful morning


Jack was well impressed with getting up at 6am. We fueled up and headed for the Needles 35mile trip. Spotted a few seagull working so we pop over to them. We could see the Bass boiling on the water. Terns we're diving in and coming out with white bait. So I set Jack a rod up with feathers. He didn't have to wait long every drop was a fish or two. He had 20 mackerel 6 Bass 5 Scad he was over the moon. We didn't even get a rod out we just unhooked Jack’s fish. 😂


The sonar was full with fish 6886298C-439C-4299-8A6E-184E4BAAC396.thumb.png.ea9cfe7aa4fbc3a78e98affe3937e638.png

We was soon on our way the the Sharking ground. We drifted about 3 miles with no takes. We decided to anchor up and get some fish onboard. I set up three rods but it was still a bit slow. Jack had a couple of Dogfish it's great to see someone pleased to get a Dogfish. (I can see the attraction Andy) sorry mate 😂



Then Jack had a great little fight with a 3lb Conger. He was loving it on the boat. It’s a bit of a worry when you take them that far in case they are seasick and you have to head home. He was sick at one point but got over it like a pro.


A great days fishing for my grandson James and I blanked ☺️It was all about getting Jack interested in boat fishing. He had a great time and it makes a change from playing computer games as most kids do now. Great to get them out. It was as good watching him catch fish as catching them myself.

Thanks 👍





Great pics. Thanks for posting. Geoff.☺️

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1 hour ago, Dicky said:

Nice one. I have fished with my dad all my life and i hope my son continues to fish with me for the rest of it. It's great out on the boat with my lad, my bro and my dad.

You’re not wrong there. Nothing better than 3 generations (in my case) in the boat together! 👍🏻

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yeah I get as much enjoyment out of seeing others catch as I do myself - especially if they're not experienced fishers!

and especially if its mackerel as it'll likely end up in my bait freezer anyway! 🤣

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