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The Sea Angling Classic and a little update on the last couple of sessions


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I apologise for not contributing alot this year! For certain reasons ive held off a tad with social media due to a few upsetting incidents last year. I e learnt 2 things since then.

1. you cannot please everyone!

2. Social media is very much like playing fetch with a confused dog!

So this year was a slow start for me afloat with alot of effort with not a huge amount to show for it. As i have previously mentioned i really do get on with spj style fishing and most of my catches will be using a jig or large lead head lures. On the other hand the shore fishing has been quite spectacular this year and its been quite odd to see the seasons all over the place. Lets start with NYE on chesil with 50-60mph onshore winds and 3m swell. My mate lost 8 leads in an hr and packed up and went home. I was on my own just after big ben had struck and shortly after all hell broke loose i had quite a few cod consecutively and then a big bass and a double fig cod to start the year off in style. Did i mention the seasons are all over the place, i was fishing for spring cod and i managed my first smoothie of the year in February! To turbot jumping on mack baits in april and Then the flat rat fishing being outstanding with three species in a night being caught at a little honey hole in may. I frequent the beach once a week and normally have a target in mind. Fishing certain baits in a certain way has gone out the window this year with smoothies taking whole mack baits and a few other surprises like a sole on 6.0s. The floaty sessions came alive in may with only a few sizeable pollock caught up till then. I even started to think weren’t going to have a pollock run! Then the donkeys arrived in good numbers on certain wrecks, 21lb is the heaviest so far and a good fight on a 100g jigging rod. Ive managed to help quite alot of people this year to tick their fish lists and a memorable one was a very very good friend and amazing angler jason (aka boat pikey) on a wrecking session. They just didnt stop all day and very good sized fish as well. When this type of day happens my local food bank is very appreciative of big bags of pollock fillets. We try to be conservative and dont dead winch fish up so about 50% go back ok. Jason and i started a little period where we fished for turbot and had 3 outings on numerous banks around us, one day we had 11 good sized dustbin lids aboard. Its a great way of fishing using light tubertini rods or spinning rods and amazing to see the rod buckle over and hold down. The cod started to show on the wrecks in june but only smalls and the biggest was 9lb all on jigs, maybe i should of tried the old flying collar and lure it might of brought the bigger ones out? 

A few days before the - Sea angling classic 2022

Jason and i were at the media event last year and thought it would be a good idea to partner up for 2022. We had a few days off before the comp and we had some nice weather to go out and practice- well we didnt practice ! We went stingray fishing and tope fishing out of the comp area, so at least we knew where we cant go and what we couldnt catch in the comp. One of the days was a bit of a late start and we ended up fishing a bank that was full of big (80cm) bass so we played with them for a bit until our bait digger gave us a bell saying he has just dug 8lb of rag where do you want to pick it up. We were fishing on the east side of the isle of white and decided a mutable location to meet “ calshot “ it was. So we punched over picked out bait up off the beach and headed to the sting ray grounds. The weather was tough and rough but we persevered until we settled into a perfectly tranquil still calm evening with the sea like glass and a moonlit night. We tried to sit down and have a cup of tea - that didnt happen. Every time the kettle boiled we were hooked up to some cuddly soft monsters with barbs on the tail. A bit of a legend rang and asked us if he could join in the fun and do we have any bait spare, the answer was yes yes yes. He came over 20miles on his boat lucky strike to get his first stingray unfortunately he didnt get one but we had a solid night of good fish. Consistent Double stingy hookups and a load of hounds running though as well. The trip back to Portsmouth was idilic that memory has been etched into my skull! To top it off a close friend is one of the pilot boat captains based in Portsmouth  and he followed along side us for quite a bit of the journey in there shiny new vessel.

The Sea Angling Classic comp

well we we apprehensive with what was going to happen, what the weather was going to do and if we were going to embarrass ourselves! 
the weather was fantastic the bait parade and closing Portsmouth to run 100 odd boats in a comp has never happened before, its only ever been closed for the aircraft carrier! Hats off to ross honey for organising such an event. The morning of the comp was quite a giggle amongst friends especially the boat pikey fraternity! Locker came over to wish us good luck and accidentally left his banana 🍌 on top of the pilothouse. I noticed this straight away and managed to get rid of the omen before it could take full effect. We headed out and the gun fired and away we went- well everyone else did anyway. in pure jason style We actually stopped and had a cup of tea! 
we decided to let the others get the cobwebs out of there hair and let them do the searching as out hoat was labelled “the one to follow”

we dropped on our first mark quite close in and bagged up a ray,smoothie,tope before the first hr was up and we were on to a good start. We upped and moved to a bank and had much of the same their just bigger and better! At one point we had 3 rays on the deck and the media boat came over to film us and then my rod buckled over with a very sizeable hound. So it was mid day and we had 2 tope 3 rays and 3 hounds on the board and holding on to first place.

I forgot to mention the layout of the comp. you are allowed to submit the 3 biggest of 5 species tope,hounds,bass ,ray,bream.

we decided to up the game for the last 2 hrs and head for a hole that holds some big tope. It took us around an hr to get there and by the time setting anchour twice it was around 3:30pm and the comp is rods up at 4pm Well within 15mins of chumming i was tight and fish on! this thing was running like a mini porgie on steroids. At 3:55pm it was still green and running. I was using a 100g tuna popping rod with a spinfisher 7500 40lb j braid and it was spooling me.

i had to tighten up and make an effort to get said beast aboard. After two big thumps the line pinged and broke an inch below the FG knot. Have you ever experienced being sick whilst crying. It felt like someone had just kicked me in the balls whilst spraying tear gas in my eyes! A few word were spoken and we upped anchor and set off for base. My body was trembling and i was trying my best to feel ok.

later that evening i spoke to Dave Barham and he gave me some great words. Like you wouldnt of got that to the boat and measured in time. So you were probably better off not catching it. I could see his point but i couldnt help think that if that was a big tope it was a very big tope and if i had only - if i had changed- if we had been there earlier.

after the results of the first day were finalised i think we were 5th, we needed that last fish to be up up there

Day Two

we headed out thinking we have a good shot at this and it was quite humbling to achieve what we had done yesterday already. We knew what we needed to do and we bee lined it to where we needed to be. My tools of choice were beefed up and i hot the fin nor marquesas 20’s out with 60lb - 100lb leader. No messing today! 9 mins after dropping down my rod went over and tope on. Lovely to fight using reels as smooth as butter. We couldn’t upload it to the board! Signal but no signal for the app! We experienced a funny sort of day where we woukd drop on a mark catch one fish then nothing else. So we kept moving. Mid day we had 3 smoothies a big undulate and 2 tope but it was hard days fishing with rafts of weed bigger than 20ft across. It made life hard and to the point where your not fishing your pulling weed off the line most of the day. The weather was changing and so we decided to head for a mark close to the finish line to see if we could Winckle out a bass or two or even a couple of bream. That just wasnt the case with 30mph northerlys and wind slightly against basically decided that that was that for the day.

we worked hard and had a hell of a week and can hold our heads up high finishing a very respectable 7th. The biggest part of it for me was seeing new acquaintances and old friends and having a really nice social event in such a nice environment.

Until next time -


I do apologise for this dump of sessions and fish but i thought i would add my bit to a great looking forum. 

All the best and see you on the bank or on the water

Dave out channel 16








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  • fishybuisness changed the title to The Sea Angling Classic and a little update on the last couple of sessions

Cracking report 🙂 

Nice to see Gilkicker fishing well, make sure your a bit west and you never blank 😂

I met Jason last year on a Tuna hunt after corresponding on social media, bit of legend 🙂 Still send a few messages about our passion for toothy critter’s 

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8 minutes ago, mike farrants said:

great write up and great pics and fish - 

that Gurnard is a lump!


I chose to avoid Chesil on NYE and was at preston beach catching 1 lonely Dog instead! 

I don't recall that catch report!

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On 7/5/2022 at 11:20 AM, mike farrants said:

crikey - your arms aren't even at full stretch!


what a tank!

what was it taken on?

I was on a wreck and it was slack tide, i put a peeler on a 1.0 attached to my 40g spinning rod. It was an interesting fight. It was in January aswell

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1 minute ago, Saintly Fish said:

@fishybuisnessthat is a nice plump sole. Rag worm did the trick for that one?

Thats quite early for sole too I'd have thought. 

Yep thumb size bit of rag very close in


1 minute ago, Saintly Fish said:

@fishybuisnessthat is a nice plump sole. Rag worm did the trick for that one?

Thats quite early for sole too I'd have thought. 


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