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Merry crimbo you lot. I’ve just finished widening the chimney for Santa to stick a new boat down it 🙂 however I think only boat gear im getting is new Jerry cans 🤣🤣🤣

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On 12/24/2022 at 10:28 PM, captin slows old outlaw said:

  yes merry xmas to you all those ove you with small children, this is a amazing time of smiles and larfter  . i wish you all a grate time.

And for those of us with bigger children (18-20-22 years old) its been very nice with them all away from home home this Xmas. Its also been great to not have a house full of visitors with their families who do three trips to the beach per day and all need to wash off the sand in the shower after every trip to the sand!!!!! 

Just me the Mrs and our dog, no giant roasts to have to cook, just a few walks out in the wilderness to avoid the crowds of tourists which hit the town over the summer 6 week Xmas hols.

Never feels like Xmas to me living over here where its so hot at this time of the year, its been hitting 48'c where one of my daughters is working.

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12 hours ago, JDP said:

You even managed to get the pot noodles in, the special turkey Xmas addition!!!!!

TBF this e-card is regurgitated from last year, mainly because @Andy135 couldn't be bothered this year!! 
Think we should all call him grinch not ginge! 

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