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Not great pictures I’m afraid so I’m not expecting any awards. 
It’s powered by a vw 100hp diesel. Tops out about 23knots but cruise comfortably around 18, when conditions allow. Not as fast as some but nice and economical to run, the litres per hour usually mirrors the speed give or take a knot. 





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21 hours ago, Geoff said:

I recognise that shingle (I first water skied on the Blackwater - Stone early sixties). Lovely looking boat Jon. Geoff.❤️

The stone is still a very popular place for water sports, There is a ski club on the front that has a really healthy membership. It’s good because you can launch at any state of the tide and there are no speed restrictions outside the 250m of the shoreline 

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37 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

A lucky escape there Jon! How did you make it home with that round your prop??

Funny I had to recover the pictures from a wsf thread back March ‘ 17 and you was asked the same question at the time. Short memory. 
Lucky I have Nick on my Facebook friends because he banned me so I couldn’t get on the site in person. 

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