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So what did we all get for Christmas then?


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54 minutes ago, suzook12 said:

I had a lowrence HDs12, a mariner 115, and a warrior 175

Bit disappointing really....

If you only had a Warrior 175 and not a nice new Fenliner kit I can understand your disappointment Steve. Geoff. ☺️

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Waterproof tackle box, wire cutters, welding gloves for sharking, socks with sharks on them, interesting book on reading the water. Talks about how to spot tidal Eddie’s, rips, whirlpools etc around rivers, reefs etc. Hopefully be interesting for my winter floundering as well as reefing out on the boat. 

I had some money given me.... so a few reel upgrades in progress along with a new rod upgrade. Now filling eBay with the old stuff to help pay for the new 🤣

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Well the biggest present for me was getting a phone call from the hospital (xmas eve) for an appointment in early January to start sorting out the cataracts I have in both eyes. Apparently some develop really slowly and some develop mega quick, mine is the later variety ..............

This all started only 18 months ago, and they get steadily worse about every 2 or 3 months ............. I was referred last April by my optician and have heard nothing until now.

I was getting concerned as the optician has said glasses can no longer help me, and my vision is getting pretty bad. The optician said I was OK to drive, but I needed to check my eyesight (a car number plate at 20m) every month, which I do ..............but I only drive a night if I have to now as it is much, much worse at night ............

I have always been blessed with very good eyesight and didn't start wearing glasses until i was in my late 50's, so this episode came as a bitter blow ............... the conversation with the hospital eye clinic suggests that by the spring of this coming year my eyes will be fixed ..................

The wife told me to go private, but I refuse to use £6k of boat funds when I have paid NI and Tax all my life ..................


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15 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

I hope Ian that your schedule doesn’t get postponed for COVID back log reasons like every other operation seems to be. Maybe some boat fund would be a good investment for the long term? 

Hopefully it will be OK ............ I have been told that they want to keep the eye clinic going as a priority and there is a strong possibility that once 'on the books' to get the job done then I will most likely jump the queue to get vaccine stabbed ................ my daughter confirmed this to be true, as a nurse she and her team stabbed 900 wrinklies in the week before xmas ...........

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Good luck with your op GPS, I hope that you are lucky enough for it to happen soon, and have the bonus of an early jab. I was diagnosed as having cats in both eyes about 15 years ago, but Have to wait until they are "ripe" before they will operate - still waiting. Geoff.

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4 minutes ago, Jon cook said:

Hope.all goes well with the op @GPSguru


On the Xmas front, only fishing thing I got was ' A Bass Anglers life', by Robin Bradley.

Been perusing the Sales for new sea outfits....  what with Covid this years sales seem a bit lack luster which is understandable.


The book you really need to read is by James Batty from Cornwall .......... The Song of the Solitary Bass Fisher

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