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Vessel and three fishermen missing off Conwy


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Still no good news yet. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55846876

Strange it could disappear so close to home with no chance to put out a vhf mayday or anything being spotted floating about by such an intensive search.

Tragic reminder of how vulnerable we can be out there and maybe in how investing in the right safety related kit is money well spent (Not suggesting they didn't have an epirb and vhf or that they were not wearing lifejackets all the time, just a reminder how important these things are when s#1t happens)

Very misty in Conwy Bay right now but the sea is calm and so there is still room for hope.

My thoughts are with the families.

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1 hour ago, suzook12 said:

2nd time in 3 years apparently, no wreckage or bodies found last time either, and all in calm weather


I didn't know about that Steve. Was there another one then?

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Same here, boat missing with three onboard as well as few sharks attacks and deaths over the last week. Also an experienced spear fisher went missing close to my place about 4 days ago, at a location another was killed by sharks before. Its gone very sharky in our area over the last few years.

Also this week three were washed from the rocks in big seas resulting in three deaths.

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