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Hi - Teignmouth Newbie


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Hi all,

My name is Roger and I have just signed up. Currently I kayak fish out from Teignmouth or the local area but I am seriously considering my first boat. Having lurked a bit and read many of you threads on here I took the plunge as I could do with some advice as I know nothing about boats! I will start a new thread shortly with some questions which will be about craft suitability for the local area, practicalities of transport, storage and ownership etc. I hope to post up some catch reports as and when we get out.



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Welcome - i did the same - joined up for advice when i bought my first boat 2.5yrs ago. 

Plenty of very knowledgeable people on here - and loads of helpful advice on offer - once you get past the banter that is!

there a few near you too - so i'm sure they will lend a hand!


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Welcome to the mad house 🙂 Ask away on questions, there are lots of different experiences on here and still ask questions 🙂 

Just watch out for @JDP catch reports…. He’ll soon make you want to leave our shores and head to Aus! 

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Welcome @RogB. We have a couple of kayak anglers on here - @Malc and @Davemc who I'm sure can give you a view on the question of yak vs boat.

We also have @GPSguru and @thejollysinker who are boat owners in your area and I'm sure would be happy to help.

Questions welcome, so go ahead and start a thread and we'll do our best to help. 👍

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Unless you have had a lottery win or similar, think hobie + a zero and you can't top it onto the car so kindly people will take £££'s off you so you can park it on the water!

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1 minute ago, JonC said:

Welcome on  Ralph, post some pics of your yak up and some fish stuff. We love fish boat pics. 

Thanks Jon. I'll certainly post pics and links to my vids as I catch them and make them if that's ok? 

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