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Hi Guys, Just a quick intro.

Terry Smith

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I own and run jigabite.co.uk specialising in tackle for Popping and Jigging, especially Slow Pitch.

I've been SPJ since it began and was the first to introduce an extensive range of this specialist tackle to the UK.

I've been lucky enough to have fished in close to 50 different countries practicing all the above disciplines so have gained a fair bit of experience across the board.

Jigabite is not just about supplying quality tackle as I take pride in offering advise to ensure anglers buy the right tackle for their individual needs so please feel free to ask for assistance and I will help best I can. There is a Contacts link on the website if you would prefer.

Please note that I run the business single handed and at times it can get extremely busy so please be patient if you don't get an instant response. 

I look forward to many discussions in the future.

Many Thanks, Terry Smith1825903941_JigabiteLogo-Copy.jpg.b6319ef80e62ef60a88d5dd388de2f4a.jpg


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9 hours ago, Ivan Tuna said:

Welcome Terry - one or two pics of showroom would get the juices flowing

I only have some early showroom images before fully stocked and merchandised but you get the idea.

Visit by appointment only....bring your own biscuit's.

20200226_154625 - Copy (2).jpg




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Im not into SPJ myself, more a toothy critter man myself. Prefer to sit back, relax and wait for action 🤣🤣

But great to have someone with such knowledge on board to help those with purchasing the right gear for their application. I know personally I’d be lost 🤣🤣🤣 Feathers and red gills I get. The rest is a mystery. I know what I’m doing with a nice big lump of bait 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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